post-innard-trauma(tic) stress disorder

now I have all but recovered from my digestive difficulties I am back to fighting fitness – well insofar as someone who basically lives on chocolate and black coffee can be. my best chum has come back from holiday after having an allergic reaction to suncream which made his whole face swell up to epic proportions (judging by the photos) and landed him in hospital in Lanzarote and here in the good old United of Kingdom.

lucky my gastric grievance was internal and didn’t show on the outside – apart from me being occasionally struck down by griping pains that had me nearly bent double but that kind of abdominal affliction can be disguised somewhat.

all in all not National Healthy Kerry Week but well on the road to recovery


innard trauma

insides are all wrong these last few days (four in fact, at the last count). feels like someone’s got a fistful of my food-digesting parts and is giving them a good ol’ fashioned Chinese burn.

the drugs don’t work. well, not yet anyway.

bf’s surprisingly sympathetic – not at all like him. liking this. its like having a male nurse I can sleep with (yay!)