re gannet

I drew that delightful picture of a gannet a short while ago (by a short while I don’t mean half an hour or even a week ago, more like a month + ago). I rather like it thanks very much.

I love drawing. its something I can do. hurrah!



discovering new drinks – not just sticking with the tried and trusted Coca-Cola, black sugary coffee combo that has served me so well up until now – I am exploring new avenues. like cherry dr pepper (introduced to me by the bf) which is a US import, lime and soda, orange and soda, soda and soda frankly, also rockstar blue (still acclimatising to that one), poncha (Madeiran drink – rum based and potent), and others besides. its a flavour sensation gosh-darn-it and that.
a multitudinous cornucopia of yummiliciousness-dom.
sort of

prepare to enter a world of frankly mad madness of the mad variety

though you may not think it, I am quite literally certifiable. well my other half certainly thinks so.

I think of things then write them down. like the fact my watch (Guess? brand) keeps hitting the edge of my lap top in a monotonous manner as I type these very words.

have invited the bf over to dinner and I am awaiting his reply for what he actually would like to eat. this is an attempt to ingratiate him with my family to whom he is the total antithesis.

he thinks I criticise him. he’s right, I do