feeling full of the joys of starting a new work based qualification. have filled out all of the forms I was meant to hand back approximately two months ago to do with being handed an all new shiny glossy employee handbook which I still haven’t read. can’t help it, it’s an exercise in how to bore yourself rigid in three easy steps :

and in case you were wondering, here are said three easy steps for your delectation…

step 1 open employee handbook

step 2 read employee handbook

step 3 fall into a boredom induced coma

shows a dreadful work ethic but there you go. also, been sorting out drawers owned by small child who has re grown her previously long hair and now requires the contents of Claire’s Accessories with which to adorn it. for all you readers hailing from the USA Claire’s Accessories is a shop that sells hair clips, hair bands, and the like of which no self-respecting person with their own money would set foot into but is universally loved by anyone aged 15 and under. I am in a secular version of religious zeal about tidying and sorting out. don’t worry though, the novelty will soon wear off and I will be back to normal


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