post-innard-trauma(tic) stress disorder

now I have all but recovered from my digestive difficulties I am back to fighting fitness – well insofar as someone who basically lives on chocolate and black coffee can be. my best chum has come back from holiday after having an allergic reaction to suncream which made his whole face swell up to epic proportions (judging by the photos) and landed him in hospital in Lanzarote and here in the good old United of Kingdom.

lucky my gastric grievance was internal and didn’t show on the outside – apart from me being occasionally struck down by griping pains that had me nearly bent double but that kind of abdominal affliction can be disguised somewhat.

all in all not National Healthy Kerry Week but well on the road to recovery


innard trauma

insides are all wrong these last few days (four in fact, at the last count). feels like someone’s got a fistful of my food-digesting parts and is giving them a good ol’ fashioned Chinese burn.

the drugs don’t work. well, not yet anyway.

bf’s surprisingly sympathetic – not at all like him. liking this. its like having a male nurse I can sleep with (yay!)

to be or not to be

I want to be … a tree.
a line I remember from an ancient Prudential advert aired sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s. frankly at this stage in my chronology my memory for dates is beginning to get a little hazy. I don’t know yet – and to be honest it is beginning to get a little late for indecision – what I really want to do. after all there are so many wonderful and varied things I can turn my hand to. like writing this blog. and drawing (see “Gannet” post). and work wise, caring for older people with learning disabilities, administration, bar work, waitressing, working on the tills in a supermarket, working in a book shop… oh, a veritable plethora of skills I can apply to any given employment situation. I can manage a switchboard, I can do data input, copy type, be a legal secretary… I’m a wonder woman of epicness. and the like.

re gannet

I drew that delightful picture of a gannet a short while ago (by a short while I don’t mean half an hour or even a week ago, more like a month + ago). I rather like it thanks very much.

I love drawing. its something I can do. hurrah!


discovering new drinks – not just sticking with the tried and trusted Coca-Cola, black sugary coffee combo that has served me so well up until now – I am exploring new avenues. like cherry dr pepper (introduced to me by the bf) which is a US import, lime and soda, orange and soda, soda and soda frankly, also rockstar blue (still acclimatising to that one), poncha (Madeiran drink – rum based and potent), and others besides. its a flavour sensation gosh-darn-it and that.
a multitudinous cornucopia of yummiliciousness-dom.
sort of

prepare to enter a world of frankly mad madness of the mad variety

though you may not think it, I am quite literally certifiable. well my other half certainly thinks so.

I think of things then write them down. like the fact my watch (Guess? brand) keeps hitting the edge of my lap top in a monotonous manner as I type these very words.

have invited the bf over to dinner and I am awaiting his reply for what he actually would like to eat. this is an attempt to ingratiate him with my family to whom he is the total antithesis.

he thinks I criticise him. he’s right, I do